• Lin Jiang
    Founder of the Company / Doctor of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    He is the founder of the company, doctor of organic chemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences, leader of research and development and industrialization of transdermal drug delivery technology of soluble microneedles, and the founder, executive director and general manager of Shenzhen Qinglan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and has obtained more than 40 national authorized invention patents. He focuses on the research and development on microneedle delivery vaccine and the solutions for new drug research and development of microneedle patches.
  • Xingyou Li
    Quality Operation Director
    Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Jilin University.
    He has set up 3 testing laboratories and participated in the hardware and GMP software construction of 3 pharmaceutical enterprises. He has 16 years of laboratory experience and 22 years of quality management experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Involving ISO 9001 certification, CNAS accreditation, WHO-PQ certification, GMP certification at home and abroad, etc., he has rich experience in GMP auditing.
    Many years of experience in biological products, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, chemical preparations and other fields. The pharmaceutical dosage forms involved are: sterile lyophilized powder injection, small volume injection, tablets, capsules, soft capsules, granules, etc.
    Participated in the quality research of multiple biologics projects and obtained two drug clinical research approvals.
    Organized and completed two drug production technology transfer projects, and obtained 6 drug supplement application approvals.
  • Venus Poon
    R&D Director
    She has more than ten years experience in the R&D, registration, and management of new drug preparations, she has been responsible for and managed drug research and development and registration from innovative drug preparation research and development, the declaration to full life cycle management in several pharmaceutical companies.
    Familiar with the R&D, application, and registration requirements of innovative drug preparations, also familiar with the registration requirements of biopharmaceutical IND and BLA. Has been responsible for the development, quality research, and registration application of a number of innovative drug preparations.
    Serving as the company's R&D director, responsible for the company's R&D of new drug preparation, and quality research.