Cooperative R&D
Microneedle drug delivery technology is a kind of dosage form technology and an innovative way of drug delivery. It is an innovative dosage form juxtaposed with tablets, capsules and injections. All drugs need a dosage form before they can be used by patients. In the past, drug developers could only choose conventional dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and injections. Now, soluble microneedle drug delivery technology has solved the industrialization problem, providing drug developers with a new dosage form.

Microneedle dosage forms not only simply offer drug developers an alternative route, but offer surprising technical routes.

BIOQINGLAM provides CRO and CDMO services for the majority of pharmaceutical enterprises, which will be the main business model of BIOQINGLAM in the future. Whether it's an innovative drug just discovered, or a generic drug already on the market, whether it's a vaccine, or a chemical drug, BIOQINGLAM always welcomes your visit, negotiation and cooperation. Let us and microneedle drug delivery technology together bring you revolutionary innovation results.

The DNA vaccine microneedle patch reduces the dosage to mRNA level, and the dosage of chemotherapeutic drugs is reduced to 1/5 of the tablet, so that people are no longer afraid of chemotherapy, there is no need to take an injection or take drugs. We look forward to working with you to redefine drugs and the principles of drug screening with microneedle drug delivery technology.

In order to quickly promote the wide application of microneedle drug delivery technology in the pharmaceutical field and demonstrate our full confidence in this technology, we promise to
Provide free samples for three rounds of concept study for all visiting pharmaceutical companies, for whom sample making can be carried out after our preliminary evaluation.