R&D cooperation on innovative drugs
Soluble microneedle drug delivery is a platform technology suitable for many drug dosage forms.
If the innovative drug is in development, its dosage form has not been defined for the first time, you can try microneedle dosage form. According to our past experience, the dosage, course of treatment, curative effect, toxic and side effects of almost any type of drug using microneedle dosage form need to be re-recognized and understood. Compared with conventional dosage forms, microneedle dosage form is generally characterized by significantly reduced dosage and side effects. If you have five candidate drugs for the same indication, the curative effect and toxic and side effects of these drugs are at the same level in the conventional dosage forms, when the dosage of these five drugs is reduced to 1/100, 1/10, and 1/5 of the original dosage, their efficacy and toxic and side effects will be changed, which is decided by the dose-effect curve of each substance.

Therefore, the early intervention of microneedle drug delivery technology in the screening stage of innovation R&D will open up a new understanding of innovative drugs. Aspirin was an innovative drug 120 years ago, it has been developed as a tablet from the beginning to now, and the indications have been expanded again and again, making a significant contribution to human beings. We have developed aspirin microneedle for a well-known hospital in China and have carried out clinical research, the dosage is only a fraction of that of enteric-coated tablets, but with the efficacy is the same. We all know about the side effects of aspirin, but imagine what it would have meant for human beings if the microneedle form had been chosen for aspirin 120 years ago.