R&D cooperation on diagnostic reagents
Microneedle drug delivery technology is a bidirectional substance exchange with the human body. There is both the substance flow of drugs to the human body and the reverse flow of tissue substances to the microneedle. The microneedle drug film dissolves and releases substances under the action of tissue substances. Therefore, microneedle technology can be used for both drug delivery and collection of body fluids for in vitro diagnostic applications.

In the past research on diagnosis in the academic circle, the problem often exists is that the microneedle excipients block the macromolecular markers outside the microneedle, resulting in the tissue fluid taken from the microneedle is not in situ, and failure occurs when used for diagnosis. BIOQINGLAM uses patented technology to design the microneedle patch specifically for body fluid collection, which can take intact body fluid into the microneedle patch. Further, we can modify the corresponding biosensor on the microneedle patch to amplify the marker signal, which can carry out rapid in situ multi-channel diagnosis. In this regard, we have carried out corresponding research with first-class university research groups in China, and we also welcome medical enterprises dedicated to diagnostic reagents to negotiate the cooperation with us.