Business Policy
  • Telephone counseling:
    BIOQINGLAM will get to know the basic R&D needs of customers, and understand the types and physicochemical properties of drugs before determining the cooperation
  • Face-to-face communication:
    The customer visits BIOQINGLAM and learns about the microneedle production process and our previous R&D cases in the laboratory, and introduces the drug project to be cooperated with in detail.
  • Preparations making:
    After the visit, BIOQINGLAM shall immediately discuss the microneedle preparation plan of the drug, propose the preliminary preparation formula, and make the microneedle preparation. The research on the initial sample requires to complete the needle-forming research of the client's drug to ensure the successful transdermal drug delivery for animal experiment.
  • Preliminary drug metabolism research / pharmacodynamics study made by the client:
    After receiving the samples, the client immediately conducts animal experiments, drug metabolism and pharmacodynamic experiments so as to conceptually confirm that the microneedle dosage form of the drug could bring significant advantages such as significantly lower dose, significantly reduced side effects, shorter course of treatment, and higher patient compliance. If the first experiment does not achieve good results, BIOQINGLAM will also provide preparation optimization research until satisfactory results are obtained or the project is terminated.
Cooperation Process